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Fantastic techs and nurses, why is corporate involved?



I take my the renal diet seriously – it is shown in my fluid gains between sessions. Its not fun – I miss good food – but I do it because I am actively trying to stay healthy and alive.

If I had my records I could show you the trends and data.

Lifestyle is completely different. I quit using drugs and alcohol. I will happily take a drug or alcohol test. I didn’t quit because I lost all my friends and hit rock bottom. I quit because I value my life and health. 16 months, thank you for asking.


VOLUNTEER WORK – making tambourines with kids – this is where my art studio is located and I also volunteer 15+hours a month – usually much more. Throughout April and early May I was heavily involved as core crew member in putting together the Punk Rock Flea Market – which had over 100 vendors and thousands of attendees- it raised over $40,000 for the local art community. – event staff and good times guy – this saturday – Ive participated as a volunteer every year for about a decade – July 23rd – July 30th – can and have done this and dialysis (i’m that good) I’ve been going to camp 12+ years and wont give it up. – They Gave an Award to this guy?

MUSIC AND PERFORMING (I’m the drummer in this band – but I also sing some of the songs)

I play piano and preform solo at open mic nights. – Started playing piano a year ago and have rapidly progressed

I perform stand up comedy.

I am taking dance lessons and plan on performing in a burlesque show with my friend’s dance troope.

LOVE LIFE – I have a few women I am dating, but I am so busy with art, music, volunteering, kidney/doctor stuff, I am often too busy to connect with them or they have to come do what I’m doing if they want to hang out. I’m not needy or clingy – I have a very zen, live in the moment outlook on life. I make sure I take every opportunity possible to tell everyone I love them and I’m grateful for them.

SPIRITUALITY – Something similar to Zen/Buddhism. I have expressed that I don’t fear death and have come to terms with it (better call for a health check). I feel like it is the most natural part of life. But I don’t focus on it. Outside of the clinic I strive to live in the moment. Facing my death has been life affirming for me. I don’t believe in god in the traditional sense. I believe that being alive is magic and I don’t need an answer why. The mystery is what is so beautiful. We only get one shot, as far as we know, So I want to squeeze every last drop out of it. – – I take long walks by the river and meditate on the flow life – watching trees breezing in the wind, animals frolic, the river rush.


Art projects – My art has been published in art magazines, I have done gallery shows and I love helping with other projects at the Generator. It’s burning man time, so I have been helping with giant sculptures and art car builds.

Animation – I have recently gotten into animation and found I’m pretty good at it. The modern software makes it incredibly easy with my graphic design skills. I am currently working on a project with a friend.


My life is amazing. I make less money than ever, but I have time to do the things I love. I feel bad bragging to my friends that I will never have to work again and I can dedicate all my time to art and volunteering. The only thing unstable in my life is my dealings with corporate people at Fresenius. Their games with withholding information critical to my health and ridiculous status changes bring pain and suffering to my life of love, joy, music, art, collaboration and community. The have taken a huge part of my peace with this charade.


Mike Gooch, LCSW - 07/06/2022

Sarah Gleich - Nevada Diabetes Association

Lindsay Kay - RN - Longtime friend

Expressed Distrust, want to understand, to be involved

And what I feared - was true

Clearly begging to understand and be involved

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