Dialysis Session – July 8th, 2022

Peaceful treatment

All seemed well today. Unwanted visitors stayed away. Michelle did the cannulation successfully, as she has consistnetly done for the past couple months. Nurse Mila, performed her duties honorably. She is excited about going on vacation. She deserves it. I feel bad that this all landed on her lap, but i feel like she cares more than she gets paid too. One of Dr Dhanireddi’s associates came by today. She asked me if I needed anything and I told her that I needed anti anxiety medication to handle the mental trauma I must endure just to get my treatment. She provided me with some information about a group to talk to for that. Sabian finished up my treatment – he’s a great dude and preforms his job to my satisfaction every time. He said he has to work this weekend and has school, but he said he just bought a house and maybe painting his cabinets on Sunday. The dude works hard. And finally, we got a new security guard today. I talked to him a little in the morning. He prefers NPR to Fox news. I like that. Seems like a nice guy.

I was told I’m getting my medical documents on Wednesday, next week. Brygida confirmed it was going to include from the first day of treatment until 7/7/2022. Once I get them, the real work begins.

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