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the worldly hope we set our hearts upon turns ashes–or it prospers; and anon,

like snow upon the desert’s dusty face lighting a little hour or two–is gone.

what i like


This is a beautiful picture. It's kinda artsy, great composition, but not really representative of my art.


This picture reminds me of that scene from "The Sound of Music". But I didn't pick this photo. It just came with the template.


Focus on how you can help and benefit your community. Use simple words so that you don't confuse people.

“His social worker at the dialysis clinic says that he is unstable, but some people think he is cool.”

Jane Miller


Tell website visitors who you are and why they should choose your business.

Because when a visitor first lands on your website, you’re a stranger to them. They have to get to know you in order to want to read your blog posts, subscribe to your email newsletter, or buy what you’re selling.


Good. Question everything.